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California Gubernatorial Candidate John Chiang: Why We Should Demand Educational Equity

At the core of the definition of the American Dream is the idea that wherever you are from, or whatever zip code you grew up in, we should be able to provide our families with something better than what we had. In America, we will provide our children with the opportunity for upward socioeconomic mobility.

The single best way to achieve upward socioeconomic mobility has always been through getting an education. Education gives people the necessary tools and propels them towards the American Dream, especially in my home state of California. Education is supposed to be a right here too. Accessible, affordable, and quality public education should be available to everybody here in the United States. Educational equity is the term that conveys my message, and it is cemented when ALL students receive the resources they need to graduate and are prepared for success after high school. With so many Asian-Americans being the first and second generation, this message of opportunity for all is more pertinent than ever.