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Joe Vargas has been an expert in the nightlife & entertainment industry for over 9 years andcontinues to provide you with real reviews, opinions and news about the industry. He’s knownfor “telling it like it is.”

10 Crucial Lessons I Learned About Business From the Nightlife Industry


First off, I never went to business school, no one taught me how to run a business and half of my adulthood, I was in the United States Navy working on the engine of a ship as a mechanic and became an Operations Specialist where I navigated the ship when we were out to sea. I finished off my eight year career in the Navy as a training officer for the Naval Reservists on an Air Force base in Las Vegas. None of this taught me business, but being in the military did teach me discipline and how to be a leader. Most of my trial and error in business came from my humble beginning in the nightlife industry back in 2005 when I threw my first nightclub event at Empire Ballroom for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The success of that event catapulted me to my success today. Here is what I’ve learned through my rigorous journey in the nightlife and entertainment business.