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25+ Stunning Photos of Western Women & Asian Men Couples

When I first published 25 Stunning Photos of Western Women & Asian Men Who Got Married in April 2017, I never expected this first collection of photos — showcasing the diverse beauty of AMWF couples around the world — would touch so many people. In particular, I was moved to see so many couples responding by sharing their own stunning photos with me, from weddings to more glamorous pre-wedding shots.

That’s when I realized this wasn’t just a post, but potentially a series. So I put out a call for photos and, incredibly, so many couples offered to share — not only pictures, but also their stories. Many thanks to you all for being a part of this post for June 2017.

25 Stunning Photos of Western Women and Asian Men Who Got Married

When it comes to interracial couplings, Western women and Asian men are a much rarer sight, but our numbers are on the rise, and if these photos are any measure, when we get married we look stunning together.

Australian Marie Smurthewaite (aka 江南) and her Chinese husband Wang Shuai (王帅), from Jilin, China, are a breathtaking sight among the splendor of Beijing’s Forbidden City. You can follow this pair (who sing and perform together in their group 帅江南组合) on Sina Weibo at 帅江南组合-王帅 and 澳大利亚的江南.