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The ‘It’s Just a Joke’ Excuse Is An Attack On Everybody

Every, fucking, minute. This is how often somebody — let’s face it, usually a white dude, but certainly not only white dudes — waves away a racist, sexist comment on the internet as just a joke. Some apology may or may not follow, but either way, the guilt is transferred onto anybody and everybody who calls it out by accusing them of having “missed the humor.” Then a sigh of exasperation followed by a faux existentialist query of why, Dear God, in this day and age, people can’t just find things funny anymore? If only we could find casual racism funny, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the social and political catastrophe called 2017.

Exhibit 1: a white man goes on Reddit, brags about how he bagged a woman well beyond his attractiveness level, and advises people that it helps if she’s Asian, because Asian women find his 10cm (3.9in) penis overwhelmingly big.