Australian Woman Caught on Video Harassing Elderly Asian, Indian Photographer

Australian Woman Caught on Video Harassing Elderly Asian, Indian PhotographerAustralian Woman Caught on Video Harassing Elderly Asian, Indian Photographer
Ryan General
May 1, 2020
Minutes after being released from police custody for her involvement in a racist incident, an Australian woman was caught on film racially attacking another person. 
Angela Weedon can be seen hurling ethnic slurs at a male photographer outside the Sydney Police Center on Monday and is involved with a string of racist incidents, MailOnline reports. 
“That’s alright, you maggot, you’re going to be sued too,” the 38-year-old screamed at the man as she was standing by police officers.
“Good luck having no money you piece of s**t. Because you’re an illegal aren’t you, little Mr. India… F**k, off dog.”
Earlier this month, Weedon faced charges for allegedly taunting an elderly Asian woman with racist language on a Sydney train. During that incident, which was also caught on film, she asked the woman if she can speak English, before saying, “You are not welcome here illegal, you and your biocontamination.” 
She then told her, “You’re not welcome here, understand?”
She is also the same woman who called herself the “Queen of Australia” and faced charges for telling a Telstra store employee to “go back to China.”
Her most recent racist encounter happened soon after she was released from police custody on strict bail conditions on Monday. In the clip, a police officer can be heard telling Weedon to stop harassing the man. 
“Do you need to go back downstairs under lock up again?” the officer asked. 
In addition to the recorded outburst, Weedon threatened and kicked a man after he refused to give her a cigarette, according to the police. 
“As the man tried to walk away, the woman followed him down the street and continued to yell abuse at him,” the police revealed.
Weedon’s next court appearance has been set for June 25.
Feature Image via Brainstorm Fiji
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