‘I would rather die than look like you’: Australian woman’s anti-Asian rant caught in TikTok video

‘I would rather die than look like you’: Australian woman’s anti-Asian rant caught in TikTok video
via @siewngap
Iris Jung
January 12, 2023
A TikTok user found herself on the receiving end of a racist rant at a tram station in Australia.
On Wednesday, Hazel Chan (@siewngap) posted a short video on TikTok of a woman harassing her and her friends.
The nine-second clip begins with the woman aggressively stating, “My vagina’s all over the internet, you idiot.” 
The woman continues her rant by saying, “I just want to know why Asians have to take over the entire coun —” before the video cuts off.
“We were sitting at a tram stop and got approached by her, we ignored her and she continued so I recorded her to make her stop but this was what we got,” Chan wrote in her post’s caption.
According to signs visible in the video, the incident occurred in Melbourne, Australia.
On Thursday, Chan posted a longer clip on TikTok of the woman ranting for almost two minutes.
The clip is purportedly a reupload of a previous video that went viral on TikTok with over half a million views.
“Reupload cause it got removed by tiktok at 600k PLEASEEEE do not report #victim,” Chan wrote in the video’s caption.
The recent video shows the woman making more offensive statements, such as “I would rather look like me than you. I think everybody would rather look like me than you,” “I’ve seen Asians with eye contact lenses [to make them] have blue eyes. Do you know how artificial and tacky that looks?” and “I don’t want to look like you ever, I would rather die than look like you.”
Throughout the video, Chan and her friends can be heard laughing in disbelief and refuting the woman’s statements.
“Nobody wants to look like you either,” they reply in one instance.
Near the end of the video, the woman can be heard asking, “Are you a brain surgeon? You have Asian parents, they hit you to make sure you do better, yeah?” and “Why do you need one-child policy?”
“We’re not from China!” Chan retorts.
“Where are you from? Where are you from?” the woman asks right before the clips cuts off.
In response to both clips, which have already garnered almost 14,000 views in total, TikTok users commented on the woman’s appalling behavior.
“I lost brain cells listening to her argument,” one user declared.
“God this is so manic and scary, i’m [sic] so sorry you had to go through this,” another user said.
I wanna know how an individual can have so much hate inside of them,” another wrote.

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