Australian Man Proudly Films Himself at 7-11 being a Racist POS

Australian Man Proudly Films Himself at 7-11 being a Racist POS

March 8, 2017
A man who failed to get inside a 7-Eleven store in Queensland, Australia, filmed himself going on a racist tirade against the store’s employee who temporarily closed the establishment.
As seen in the three-minute footage, a sign posted on the store’s door said it was closed for cleaning and asked customers to come back in one hour and 30 minutes.
But the man was having none of the inconvenience. Determined to get some hotdogs and bananas, he banged the door and launched a series of offensive remarks:
“Open the f****door. You’re on camera you piece of sh*t.”
“I’m on my way home, and I cannot go to 7-Eleven, a 24-hour convenience store, because an Indian guy is occupying it.”
“You don’t give a shit about Australians mate – look after your own kind.”
The employee can be seen responding to the man but still not letting him enter.
“Muhammad. This is why Australia – is going to s**t. This is why Australia is f****d.”
“I’m being denied a ******* hotdog and bananas. Those bananas look fresh, god-damn, but I’m being denied that by this piece of s**t.”
“[You] deny the Australian customers when you buy in our country – f**k you.”
“Boycott 7-Eleven.”
The man from Brisbane posted the video but deleted it later. He told
“I am not a racist. I am a very passive person all of the time. I spoke out as I was distressed… I still strongly believe it is wrong of the store clerk to close the doors and tell customers to go away.”
Meanwhile, a 7-Eleven spokesman explained that employees may refuse to let abusive customers enter through a “locked door policy,” which runs between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.. He added that some stores close for cleaning in the wee hours of the morning, but pointed that it’s not a common practice.
Nevertheless, the 24-hour convenience store chain is extremely unhappy about the incident:
“7-Eleven condemns the disgusting verbal abuse and intimidation directed towards the staff member in this video, which is unjustified in any circumstance.”
Check out the footage below:
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