Australian Man Assaults Chinese Woman, Tells Her to ‘Get Out of MY Country’

Australian Man Assaults Chinese Woman, Tells Her to ‘Get Out of MY Country’
Carl Samson
March 2, 2017
A Chinese-Australian woman found her face dripping with blood after getting punched by a racist Caucasian man.
The incident happened on February 4 near a shopping mall in Burwood, a Sydney suburb populated by many Chinese Australians. The victim, named Lina, was waiting at a traffic light when the attacker suddenly launched a series of insults and yelled, “Get out of my country!”
Frightened, Lina tried to ignore the man and walked away, but he stopped her with an unforgiving punch in the face.
While still bleeding, Lina reported the attack to authorities and shared her experience with Chinese-language Sydney Today. She described the encounter as “a severe racial attack.”
Meanwhile, SBS Mandarin reportedly spoke to witness “Ms. X,” who claimed seeing the incident and honking her car to get the attention of other drivers.
But as she made some noise, the attacker turned to her and began hitting her car’s windows. She fled as she had a child inside the vehicle.
Ms. X said, “When I told my kid that I want to go back and check, they were a bit scared. I said ‘we can’t leave the poor girl [the victim] alone.'”
When she returned to the scene, she found Lina with her face drenched in blood. She left her contact details for reference.
Unfortunately, the police did not contact Ms. X yet. Nevertheless, she expressed her willingness to help Lina:
“Even if it is not considered as a racial attack, I think we still need to be concerned. I hope my witness [evidence] can help the Police to fast track the case.”
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