Australian Cosplayer Pulls Off the Most Impressive Costume You’ve Ever Seen

Meet Australian cosplayer A.K. Wirru, a man who pulled off an epic and realistic cosplay of Mai Shiranui, an iconic character in the popular fighting game “King of Fighters.”

A.K. Wirru made his Mai debut at the Madman National Cosplay Competition 2018 on September 16.

It turns out that going out as the female ninja (kunoichi) is not overly complicated. The cosplayer even revealed in his social media accounts how he made this project possible.

He first started working on a custom silicone cast for Mai’s chest area.

After that, A.K. Wirru continued to work on the character’s costume, including the panties.

To add more detail in the lower part of his costume, the cosplayer had to use padding to accentuate the thigh and butt.

After the costume, A.K. Wirru tried everything on to see if it would fit nicely.

Attention to detail is always important when you want to make your cosplay perfect as he did with the rope accesory.

And of course, the skin tone of the padding and silicone cast he worked on had to match his face.

Keeping the pony tail on the wig upright was probably one of the bigger problems he encountered during the creation process. Luckily, he managed to find a way to solve this by actually using a toilet plunger on top of the wig.

And the finished result is spot on, but to make it even more special, he actually added a small secret compartment where he could hide his snacks and other things while wearing the costume.

Featured image via Instagram / amenokitarou

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