Youngest-ever mayor-elect of Melbourne suburb delivers victory speech in Vietnamese and English


Maribyrnong, Australia, has elected its newest and youngest-ever mayor on Tuesday.

History in the making: Anthony Tran, 22, formally accepted the mayorship in both Vietnamese and English on the same day.

  • Tran acknowledged the influence of his family and friends and thanked his elders’ generation for their sacrifices.
  • “This is the highlight of my short life and an honor to be given this responsibility,” he said.
  • He said he hopes his election will inspire other young people of color to “step up” and make a difference in the world.
  • Tran said he hopes to improve local infrastructure and promote community safety, according to a press release.

Impact as a city representative: Prior to being elected as mayor, Tran focused on providing accessible mental health resources and uplifting cultural communities, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Tran served on the city council as a representative of River Ward over the past year. 
  • He promised to lead the COVID-19 rebuild and “Bounce Maribyrnong Back” during his campaign
  • Tran described himself as “fresh, independent and motivated” on the campaign trail.
  • Vietnamese people make up 10.7% of Maribyrnong’s population.

Featured Image via Maribyrnong City Council (left), CityofMaribyrnong (right)

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