Audi Enrages Half of China With Sexist Ad That Compares Women to Used Cars

Audi Enrages Half of China With Sexist Ad That Compares Women to Used Cars

July 20, 2017
German automaker Audi has issued an apology following the recent backlash that resulted from its release of an advertisement that compared women to used cars.
Speaking to USA Today, the company said that it “deeply regrets” the commercial, adding that it was made by the used car division of its joint venture in China.
“The ad’s perception that has been created for many people does not correspond to the values of our company in any way.”
As seen in the 34-second ad, a groom and bride are about to exchange wedding vows until the groom’s mother interrupted and inspected her future daughter-in-law like a piece of meat, before turning to her breasts.
The ad closes with a voiceover saying, “An important decision must be made carefully. Audi Approved: plus online 4S shop.”
In response, Audi stated that the ad was only made for the Chinese market, but apparently, local netizens were displeased and called the ad “trashy,” “discriminatory” and “sexist,” Shanghaiist noted.
Disappointed comments read (via South China Morning Post):
“[I] Strongly request that this ad is pulled, and for Audi to issue an apology for this kind of unconscientious creation.”
“From the inception of this idea to its broadcasting, was there a single woman who worked on this commercial?”
“I was actually going to buy an Audi, but I will definitely won’t now.”
As a result, the company pulled the ad from China, while an investigation to prevent similar instances is underway:
“The responsible department of the joint venture has arranged a thorough investigation of the internal control and coordination processes so that an incident like this can be excluded in the future,” Audi said.
Watch the ad below:
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