Korean Singer ATONE Saves Woman From Being Sexually Assaulted By U.S. English Teacher


Social media users are praising Im Ji Hyun, better known by his stage name ATONE, for bravely saving a woman from an attempted sexual assault in the hands of an American English teacher.

The incident happened on the morning of Nov. 30 when an English teacher, who was later revealed to be a U.S. citizen, tried to sexually assault a woman in the Mapo district of Seoul, South Korea, according to AllKpop.


“At around 8:30 in the morning, I was sleeping when I heard something like a woman’s scream outside,” ATONE recalled the incident while speaking to News1 via Soompi. “It seemed strange, so I opened the window and saw a foreign man trying to sexually assault a woman.”

He said he then warned the man through the window and quickly ran outside. That’s when he saw the woman run away barefoot and the man came at him swinging his fist.

“While we were arguing, I asked a car passing by to report to the police,” he said, adding, “Then, some people came out of a church nearby and helped me suppress the man.”

“I didn’t do it alone. It was something done together by the citizens. I only threw him over my shoulder because he was trying to run away.”

The man, who was reportedly drunk at the time, was arrested and charged for attempted sexual assault.

Feature Image Screenshot via Channel A News (Korea)

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