Man Robs Woman at ATM, Gives Back Money After Seeing Her $0 Account Balance

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A Chinese mugger’s uncharacteristic gesture after stealing from his victim has earned him some praise from netizens online.

The unnamed thief, who reportedly returned the money he stole back to his female victim after checking out her bank account, is being called chivalrous on social media, according to Shanghaiist.

The incident happened one late night last month at an ATM machine in Heyuan, Guangdong province.

Based on the surveillance camera footage from inside the ICBC bank, a woman surnamed Li was making an ATM withdrawal when a man suddenly came up behind her with a knife, demanding money.

Fearing for her life, Li handed over the 2,500 yuan ($372) that she has just withdrawn from her account to the assailant.

The robber reportedly then asked for more, demanding to see her ATM account balance.

When he did see that she has no more money left in her bank account, the robber apparently took pity on Li and handed her back the money he just stole. A camera even caught him flashing a smile before leaving.


His seemingly honorable gesture, however, did not save the mugger from his crime as local authorities eventually caught and arrested him.

Featured image via YouTube/Blagag

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