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Restaurant Owner Gets D‌e‌‌at‌h Threats After Trying to Justify ‘We Suki Suki’ Viet Restaurant Name

A former restaurant owner named Ryan Kulp tweeted about an Atlanta joint he co-owned called We Suki Suki, which at one point apparently held a “late night experience” titled “Good Morning Vietnam.” 

The tweet quickly received some backlash from Asian and pro-Asian tweeters pointing out the insensitivity of making Vietnam War-centered jokes, including the term “we suki suki,” which seems like an obvious reference to a famous prostitution scene from the film “Full Metal Jacket.”


In a response to the original tweet, Kulp added “yes, [restaurant] is called ‘We Suki Suki.’ long story ;)” 

When Twitter users called out the problematic reference, however, Kulp insisted it was a “rough translation of ‘we really love you.'” 

In addition, the “Good Morning Vietnam” event which Kulp celebrates in his tweet shows a Caucasian man dressed up in military garb and armed with a long knife, with the caption “Time to play.”

Many Twitter users responded by calling out the seemingly o‌ffens‌iv‌e restaurant and its events, which were now seemingly being championed by a Caucasian co-owner.   

Kulp noted that he co-owned the restaurant with a Vietnamese person, which he states shouldn’t matter.

The co-owner’s name is Quynh Trinh. In 2015, she did an interview for Atlanta Magazine about the restaurant, in which she told her story of entering the restaurant business and developing We Suki Suki into a successful banh mi restaurant.

Regardless, many were outraged by the name of the restaurant and the Vietnam W‌‌ar jokes, to the point that some ended up seemingly threatening vi‌o‌le‌n‌ce against Kulp.

Featured images via @ryanckulp on Twitter

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