ASMR Videos are the Pleasurable/Disgusting New Thing People Use To Relax

There is a new and very strange following online of ASMR videos; don’t worry if you think it’s weird, you aren’t the only one.

ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, is best defined as a neural orgasm. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube that are designed to help you reach this brain-gasm with sensory triggers- you might feel a tingle from the back of your neck to your brain at some of these sounds.

You either love it or you think it’s disgusting. Not everyone experiences it, and many, including neurologists, don’t even think such a phenomenon exists- in which case there are just a lot of strange people out there.

These videos portray people talking in their most soothing voices, like a maniacal whisper, into their microphones which are turned up to full sensitivity. They eat different foods or do different activities, recording all sounds for your brain’s pleasure.

One Youtuber, appropriately named GentleWhispering but her real name is Maria, makes such videos. She speaks in a soft and fragile voice that sounds like she is about to start crying while she folds towels or she eats an assortment of Russian food. A lot of ASMR videos are of people eating food. People seem to like it though, as Maria’s most popular video has over 6 million views. Check them them out below.

Here is Maria whispering, running her fingers through a hair brush, and stroking a peacock feather.

Here is Maria mimicking the sounds of the quietest salon in the world if you like the sound of getting your hair cut.

Here is Maria eating an assortment of traditional Russian foods and whispering in between bites.

There are of course others out there. Watch this girl whisper at you and eat chicken wings.

Or this person cracking the carcass of an Alaskan King crab in high-def and sucking the meat out of it’s legs.

So, are you a fan of ASMR videos? Or like me, does the sound of people eating absolutely disgust you?

I wasn’t a fan of this at all when I heard about it, but I’ve been listening to Maria’s whispering while writing this article, and I have to say I think I might actually find it calming in a weird way.

Share your thoughts below!

Source: Vice
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