Gay Twitter Drags Man for Saying ‘99.99%’ of Asians are ‘F**king Ugly’

One Twitter user is being “dragged” by “everybody and their moms” after commenting that “99.99% of Asians are not attractive.”

Bernabe Salvador Aguilar, who resides in Riverside, California and is employed at Amazon, according to a Facebook post, reiterated his racist remarks in a video that was first reposted by Twitter user @weeeelson.

In the clip, Aguilar calls “99.99 percent of Asians, Chinese, Japanese are f*cking ugly.”

He then uses the most terrible excuse for racism: “I’m not hating because one of my best friends is Asian.”

The unofficial statistician goes on to ridicule Asian culture and explaining “that side of the world” makes “ugly babies.”

Aguilar compliments the beauty of mixed race Asians, but “mixing among each other and they’re the ugliest, guppies-looking people in the world.”

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word “guppiest” does not exist. There is “guppy” and “guppies,” which are small tropical fish, but no “guppiest.”


The “facts” stated by the trucker hat-wearing Aguilar was in response to user @zaddynak, who retweeted a pair of photos of scantily-clad models from Thai sportswear brand, OMG.

On Jan. 17, @weeeelson puts Aguilar on blast for repeating “facts are facts” without any evidence to back it up.

“Like I seriously can’t believe that we have people who openly say shit like this – wait never mind I can. Racism is alive and fucking well. Especially in the gay community. And with a poc. Smh,” he continued.

@weeeelson captured some of Aguilar’s other hateful comments:

Surprisingly, Aguilar is married and his husband, @KevinMilon1, appears to hold the same mindset.

This isn’t the first time Aguilar has posted some racist vitriol, sharing his views on other people of color on social media.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the gay community on Twitter chimed in:

@weeeelson has received support from the community since his initial post but admits that he still struggles with self-loathing as an Asian man.

“Thank you everyone for the support. I spent nearly my entire life hating the fact that I was Asian because of racist ‘opinions’ like this. That self hate doesn’t go away. I spent many nights wishing that I was white so I could be seen as attractive. If you think a group of 1/2,” he wrote.

“People are ugly then keep that shit to your racist self. 2/2.”

This article has been edited from its original version to correctly report that Aguilar works at Amazon as revealed in a comment he made on one of his Facebook posts.

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