Artist Recreates Famous Hollywood Movie Posters With Asian Leads

Artist Recreates Famous Hollywood Movie Posters With Asian LeadsArtist Recreates Famous Hollywood Movie Posters With Asian Leads
If you have ever wondered what popular Hollywood movies would look like if Asian American actors or actresses were cast as the lead, now’s the time.

Seattle-based photographer Alex Tsway created a series of masterpieces collectively titled “Asians Parody Hollywood,” depicting Asian Americans playing the leading roles originally given to Caucasian artists in several iconic movies.
“The lack of Asians from #oscarssowhite and the untasteful joke played by Chris Rock made me really angry,” Tsway told NextShark. “Instead of ranting and spreading that kind of hate, I thought it would be a good idea to create something that people would feel proud of and share.” 
Image (left) via YouTube / Asmi Ayuni, (right) 
This series took about a year to shoot and develop. Each photo is designed, shot and edited by Tsway himself.
“Kill Bill”
Image (left) via YouTube / Miramax, (right)
Image (left) via YouTube / Aitor Martin, (right) 
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
Image (left) via YouTube / deepsandwich, (right) via
“The Fault in Our Stars”
Image (left) via YouTube / Movieclips Trailers, (right) via
Marilyn Monroe
Image right via
“Dirty Dancing”
Image via
“Black Swan”
Image via
Tway is not doing this project just for Asians, but calling for more representation of minorities in leads roles in Hollywood.
“Asians as well as every other minority need heros we can look up too. Movies and what Hollywood creates is one of the most widespread influences for developing minds. If we see ourselves on the big screen in lead roles, we can dream bigger for our own lives. This is my action to speak out and raise awareness. I hope other asians and minorities can support this project and avoid another #oscarssowhite.” 
Let’s hope that these posters will help make a change in Hollywood by giving people of color more leading roles in big budget movies — much like the recent blockbuster hit, Marvel’s “Black Panther”.
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