Asians Are Not Buying Gigi Hadid’s Half-assed Apology For Her Racist Instagram Video

After immense backlash, Gigi Hadid finally made an apology for her her racist Instagram video mocking Asians earlier this year.

However, many are questioning Hadid’s sincerity, and rightfully so. After all, she only made an apology on Weibo, which is mostly people in China. It’s no secret that her video was offensive to all Asians.

With her recent announcement of walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, China this year, it seems like this is simply a half-hearted PR move to win back fans.

To Gigi Hadid, if you apology was truly sincere, she would’ve made a formal apology across all your social networks and addressed all Asians. Instead, she focused on one specific group (Chinese) because you didn’t want to jeopardize a payday. Shame on you.

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