Asians on TikTok are sharing relatable moments that left them too stunned to speak

The Asian was too stunned to speak

In one of the latest TikTok trends, Asian social media users are sharing some of their most jarring experiences that have left them speechless. 

The trend builds off another popular one in which women took to the platform to post about unusual, upsetting or horrific moments from their lives, using an audio clip taken from a 1998 “Crimewatch” episode in which the narrator says, “The woman was too stunned to speak.” From witnessing the use of new racial slurs to observing the audacity of other non-Asians, here are some of the most relatable experiences Asians are talking about:

1. The way Netflix’s most-watched series and global sensation “Squid Game” has been turned around and  used as racial remarks against people of Asian descent. 

@kyutwi♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

2. When someone thought it was a good idea to use Morse code to portray “Asian eyes.”

@andioopsieesi blocked him BYE♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

3. Almost any event that might transpire once a white person enters your home, including the way it isn’t an automatic instinct for some to take their shoes off.

@giantbunny#fyp♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

To the way they don’t immediately acknowledge or in some cases bow to your parents.

@notamyleonly respect in this household 🙇‍♀️ #fypシ #asian♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

4. The realization that a dishwasher does exactly what its name suggests and isn’t just a place to dry your dishes. 

@shnbvhieWhat…#dumbvideo #fyp #bored #asian♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

5. The way Asian parents will insist that you keep eating, only to fat shame you afterwards.

@kingkennyslayReply to @aveeseyer if your mom didn’t roast you after #thanksgiving. You didn’t eat enough 😆 #filipino #filipinomoms #asian #asianparents♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

6. The way some people are bold enough to call their older siblings by their legal names without honorifics and without fear of verbal or physical retribution. 

@chiararawrOr their friends’ parents♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

7. The way it’s assumed East Asians are all Chinese. 

@mikoriaai cackled right adter♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

8. The fact that there are people in this world who have cursed at their parents and lived to tell the tale.

@ay_sean#fyp #fypシ #asian #filipino♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

9. Finally, the realization that there are some parents out there who use non-garlicky knives to slice fruit. 

@itsyoboyivannnAINT NO WAY #fypシ #fyp #asian #asians #chinese #chinesetiktok♬ Stunned Asian – Kee

Featured Image via @chiararawr (left), @giantbunny (right)

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