‘Asian American frontline worker is NOT afraid’: SF Walgreens employee follows thief while calling him out

  • An Asian employee at a San Francisco Walgreens has raised both praise and concern for following a man as he allegedly stole items off their shelves.
  • Cellphone video shows the worker, identified only as Mary, trailing and calling out the alleged thief who stuffed products into his pants.
  • It’s unclear whether police arrived in time to arrest the man.

An Asian employee has raised both praise and concern for trailing a man while he allegedly stole from a Walgreens in San Francisco.

The incident, which was caught on cellphone video, reportedly occurred at the Walgreens on Geary and Taylor and went viral on Sunday night.

In the video, the hooded man can be seen taking several products off their shelves and stuffing them into his pants.

The employee, identified only as Mary, is seen following the man and calling him out.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you doing?” Mary yells. “Don’t stuff your pants! Take that out!”

Mary also appeared to ask someone to call the police. However, the man was undeterred despite the staff’s attempts to stop him.

Darren Mark Stallcup, who posted the video, recognized Mary for her bravery.

“Was getting some groceries at my local Walgreens when a barbarian ransacked the store. Asian American frontline worker (Mary) is NOT afraid,” wrote Stallcup, who is also the founder of The World Peace Movement. “This is not her first rodeo!”

A second video reportedly showed Mary actively following the alleged thief while he was leaving the store. Another worker was heard telling him to “pull them drawers up.”

“Barbarian really showing his ass,” Stallcup said, according to KTVU. “Asian American worker Mary STILL ain’t scared. Going above and beyond the call of duty.”

Twitter users both praised Mary and expressed concerns for her safety.

“I feel so bad for those workers. They’re putting themselves at risk of being assaulted. This is a lack of enforcement problem instituted by people who never have to deal with it directly,” one user wrote.

Another commented, “Mary you are a saint but it’s not worth it.”

“Sad. Time to start sending the bill to the supervisors and hold them accountable. And if the worker sustains injuries, time to prosecute people in the SF board who support lawlessness,” another noted.

It’s unclear when law enforcement authorities arrived to address the incident. NextShark has reached out to the San Francisco Police Department for more information.


Featured Image via Darren Mark Stallcup

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