Asian Wonder Woman: Badass and Beautiful Construction Worker Wins Hearts Online

An Asian woman has recently been making the rounds on social media, not just for being gorgeous, but also for defying norms with her profession of choice.

Featured in a now viral video, an unnamed woman, believed to be Chinese, is shown doing her job as a construction worker.    

Undeniably capable and noticeably good-looking, the construction worker shows her strength by expertly lifting a heavy stack of bricks and some bags of cement. She also showcases her skills in mixing cement and scraping a ceramic tile.

The real-life Asian Wonder Woman even has some bruises to show for her hard work.

As of this writing, the video posted by Youlike a month ago has gained more than 10 million views and shared over 10,000 times on Facebook.  

Comments on the video claimed that the hard-working construction worker has taken the job to become her family’s breadwinner ever since they lost their father.

While no other details about her and her story were provided, netizens collectively expressed their admiration for the woman’s determination and hard work.

I salute you girl….You are one in a million,” a netizen wrote.

“Such a beautiful girl doing a work just for his loving family..keep it up,” said another.

h/t: Trending News Portal

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