Woman With Baby Calls Police on Black Man Smoking in Front of ‘No Smoking’ Sign

A video of an Asian woman calling the police to report a Black man who smoked in a questionably lawful area is out on social media.

Atlanta Black Star, which posted the video, wrote that the man was smoking “outside a building where there was a no-smoking sign.”

Regardless, the woman allegedly pursued to notify authorities, but later “followed the man and his co-worker for several blocks begging them to delete the video.”

In a follow-up footage, the woman can be seen following the man while pushing a baby on a stroller.

“Stop following me [you’re] harassing me,” the man demanded.

“Delete that and I’m going away. Delete that. That’s not right,” the woman snapped back.

“No, you called the cops because we were smoking cigarettes so I’m videotaping you.”

Contrary to the Atlanta Black Star’s report, the woman can be heard saying that the man and his co-worker had been smoking in a non-smoker area.

She repeatedly pleaded to have the video deleted.

While the incident has very few details, Twitter users nonetheless slammed the woman and called her “racist,” “crazy,” “horrible” and “f*cked up.”

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