Woman Allegedly Gets Group of Black People Kicked Out of Their Own Birthday Party at Atlanta Lounge

Woman Allegedly Gets Group of Black People Kicked Out of Their Own Birthday Party at Atlanta LoungeWoman Allegedly Gets Group of Black People Kicked Out of Their Own Birthday Party at Atlanta Lounge
A video of an Asian woman who allegedly got a birthday party kicked out of a table has gone viral on social media.
The incident reportedly occurred at Overdrive Lounge in Solis Two Porsche Drive, Atlanta, Georgia last week.
Kodili Okechukwu, who shared video of the incident on Friday, claimed that her group was using a reserved table when the “drunk” woman randomly interrupted their party.
When they asked her to leave, she allegedly told them to “shut the f**k up.”
“We were enjoying a nice birthday dinner at Solis Two Porsche Drive, a hotel located on the grounds of Porsche Experience Center Atlanta and then this random woman, obviously drunk, comes to sit down at our table,” Okechukwu posted on Facebook.
“We told her it was a private table and she proceeded to ask us where was the reserved sign. After continuously asking her to leave our table, she told all of us to ‘shut the f*ck up’ and that she wasn’t gonna leave.”
In the video, the woman filming can be heard asking the Asian woman to leave.
“Birthday dinner, and some crazy woman does not wanna leave… So you’re not gonna leave our reserved table?”
“Why would I leave?” the alleged intruder, who wore a pink dress, answered.
“Because it’s not your table and you look crazy right now.”
“You are,” the woman snapped back.
“You look so disrespectful. I’m with my friends [and] we don’t know you.”
A man in a green shirt then sat next to the woman and demanded the group to stop filming.
“Wait a minute! Girl, we don’t need to be recorded.”
“You’re at our table! This is our table. What are you doing?” the woman filming replied.
A White woman in a red dress can also be seen laughing as the situation unfolded.
Moments later, the manager arrived and talked to the woman but kept her in the same place.
“The manager eventually showed up and did not move her from our table. He kept her at our table for about five more minutes asking her questions about what went on and when we asked him to move the conversation somewhere else so that we could continue with our night, he refused,” Okechukwu revealed.
The manager approaches the Asian woman and the White man.
The situation was made worse when Okechukwu’s friend — whom she described as a Black man standing 6 feet and 3 inches — allegedly tapped the manager on the shoulder.
“An argument ensued after she continued to curse at as, and then my friend literally TAPPED the manager on the shoulder to speak to him and he turned around terrified and yelled, ‘If you touch me again, I will call security on you!’”
The manager talks to Okechukwu’s male friend.
The supposed celebration came to an end when the group found themselves being kicked out of the place.
“After that MY ENTIRE PARTY, was escorted out of the place, and that woman was left in the same seat smiling and very happy and content.”
The manager asks Okechukwu’s group to leave.
The White woman can be seen filming the scene on her own and giving the Asian woman a hug in another clip.
In her post, Okechukwu added that “all of the valets (who look like us) said that this happens ALL THE TIME and it’s the reason they never invite friends there.”
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The video has received 1.06 million views to date on Twitter, with users criticizing the Asian woman’s behavior.
Some pointed out that she was feeding off of White privilege.
Others took an aim at her alleged co-conspirators — particularly the White woman in a red dress.
Meanwhile, others slammed Overdrive Lounge and hunted for the manager’s identity.
Similar comments appeared on Okechukwu’s Facebook post.
Solis Two Porsche Drive also received a backlash of one-star reviews on Yelp.
What turns out of the incident is unclear. In an update, Okechukwu said that the manager still works at the place.
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