Annoying Asian Tourist Mocks The Queen’s Guard, Gets Rifle Pulled on Him

One Asian tourist has hopefully learned his lesson about disrespecting the Queen’s Guard after getting getting a rifle pulled on him for an idiotic stunt.

In the video, the tourist walks alongside the Queen’s Guard during his patrol shift. The guard, though dressed in formal attire, is still an on-duty military personnel with a loaded rifle. As the tourist continues to follow him, he casually puts his hand on the guard’s shoulder. The guard immediately screams, “Get back from the Queen’s Guard!” as he raises his weapon at the tourist. The tourist cowers in fear off camera and the guard resumes his patrol.

If a tourist insists on pestering a Queen’s Guard while on duty, the guard does have the right to detain the tourist, but only after several verbal warnings and assuming “port arms,” or lowering his rifle at the source of the nuisance.

Hopefully the tourist learned his lesson, and if not, maybe his government is the kind that will be waiting for him when he goes back to his home country for due punishment.

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