Asian Cashier Verbally Abused in Video at Supermarket in Sydney

Asian Supermarket

A video of an elderly man verbally abusing an Asian female worker has surfaced on Instagram this week.

The incident, shared by the account @humansofbankstown, reportedly occurred at an Asian supermarket located in Sydney’s inner east.

The exchange was filmed by another shopper in line. Image Screenshot via @humansofbankstown

“Don’t you point your finger at me, you bloody sl*t,” the man told the worker. “You shut up!”

Another shopper waiting in line filmed the exchange. It’s unclear what sparked the verbal altercation.

Image Screenshot via @humansofbankstown

Other shoppers sounded terrified. One confronted the man, “‘Bloody sl*t?’ Are you f***ing kidding me?”

The man, however, continued his rant. “Don’t look at me! Yeah, you get your look away from me you bloody sl*t.”

Image Screenshot via @humansofbankstown

The video has received more than 10,000 views since its posting on Monday. One user claimed that the “old mate crazy been around for years.”

Another user specified the incident’s location as Zetciti Asian Supermarket in Wentworth Point. However, this has not been verified as of this writing.


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“Someone escaped the mental f*** home,” one user commented. “Hasn’t had any viagra in a while so he was popping the names out like 18-year-olds with four kids.”

Another chimed in, “Sounds autistic.”

Feature Image Screenshots via @humansofbankstown

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