Asian Man Fights for His Life After Getting Stabbed Over a Dozen Times in Brooklyn

Asian stabbed

 An Asian man is in critical condition after getting stabbed multiple times in Brooklyn, New York City over the weekend.

The incident, which was caught in several videos (viewer discretion advised), reportedly took place on 8th Ave. near 57th St. in Sunset Park, just after 7 p.m. on Saturday.


Li Qianyang, 48, was walking along the street when the unidentified assailant chased him and stabbed him repeatedly.

Li is attacked by the unidentified assailant. Image Screenshot via Lai Ho

In the video, Li can be seen trying to fend off his attacker but to no apparent avail.

Li sustains multiple stab wounds. Image Screenshot via Lai Ho

The assailant only stopped stabbing Li upon the intervention of another man, who appeared to be chased next.

A man intervenes and tries to stop the assailant. Image Screenshot via Lai Ho

Li, who barely survived the attack, was left lying in his own pool of blood. The 48-year-old was stabbed 13 times in the back, head, arms and chest — with one striking his heart — according to police.

“One guy was chasing the other guy, and caught up with him outside,” a witness told The New York Post. “He stabbed him so many times, I’m amazed he survived.”

The assailant shifts his attention to the man who intervened. Image Screenshot via Lai Ho

Li was rushed to the NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn for emergency surgery. Unfortunately, he was still in critical condition as of Sunday.

Police initially suspected the incident as a coronavirus-related hate crime, since both Li and his assailant wore surgical masks. However, further investigation revealed that there was “absolutely no nexus between the attack and the coronavirus.”

The assailant chases the man who intervened. Image Screenshot via Lai Ho

The incident follows another attack on an Asian man last Wednesday, which occurred on an N train in Sunset Park.

The attack, which was also caught on video, saw an African American man spraying Febreze at an Asian commuter because he stood close to his seat.


Police have not yet announced any arrest related to Li’s case.

Feature Image Screenshots via Lai Ho

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