Boy Bursts Into Tears After Mom Rejects His Offer of $1,300 Diamond Ring

Boy Bursts Into Tears After Mom Rejects His Offer of $1,300 Diamond Ring
Carl Samson
February 15, 2019
A 10-year-old boy in east-central China broke down in tears when his mother turned down his attempt to buy her a diamond ring.
The scene, which was caught on video, took place inside a jewelry store at a shopping mall in Tianmen, Hubei province on Monday.
In the video, the boy is seen letting his mother try a ring, which he planned to buy using money he had collected over the Spring Festival.
“He said he wanted to buy a diamond ring after seeing his classmates’ mothers all wear diamond rings,” a store employee said, according to the Global Times.
However, the boy chose a ring worth 8,800 yuan ($1,300) — which naturally deterred his mother from accepting his kind offer.
As such, he burst into tears.
To save her son’s money, the mother deliberately picked a more expensive ring that costs 50,700 yuan ($7,485).
“Mom likes this one. You can save more money and buy this one for me later,” the employee quoted her as saying.
According to NetEase, the touching example of filial piety spread quickly across Chinese social media, with parents wishing to have a son like him.
Netizens commented:
“I hope my son grows up to be as sensible as this little brother.”
“He is truly filial. I like this kind of child. His mother is great.”
“This kind of son makes a mother really blessed.”
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