Forget Salt Bae, Meet His Sifu Who Can Turn Chicken into Beef

An unnamed Asian chef is mesmerizing netizens with his comically over-the-top “cooking” prowess in a viral video on social media.

Unearthed by the creators of the “Asians Never Die” Facebook page, the undated video posted on their Instagram account features a man called the “God of Cooking” preparing a sumptuous meal with the use of some magical techniques.

The man starts the clip with a live chicken which transforms into pork/beef ribs with the aid of some not-so-slick, but effectively hilarious video-editing.

He then uses his bare hands to slice the ribs into individual pieces before seasoning them in the style of “Salt Bae.”

Like the Turkish chef, the Asian “God of Cooking” wears sunglasses while doing his culinary performance.

While deep-frying the meaty bones, he chops other ingredients such as chili, garlic, and ginger just by clenching his powerful fist.

After chopping the other vegetables in a blink, he showed off his incredible cooking instincts by putting on some blindfolds to chop an onion.

The cooking master ends the video with him enjoying the mouth-watering meal he prepared. Yum!

While the actual origins of the video remain unknown, we are glad we stumbled upon this Internet gem.

Feature Image (right) via Instagram/Asians Never Die, (left) via Youtube

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