Asian Rugby Player Destroys Racist Student’s Face For Calling Him ‘Chink’

A Chinese rugby player is now facing a lawsuit after severely damaging a student’s eye socket who allegedly called him a “chink”.
According to court documents, 20-year-old Sidney Chan kicked the victim named Stephen Kent twice in the face during an altercation which broke out after they left the bar at the Imperial College in London.
During the hearing, prosecutor Paul Fairley insinuated that it was Chan who first ‘provoked’ Kent by mocking his mullet haircut, the Sun reported.

“I never said anything about his hair,” Chan claimed. “He called me a chink.”

Chan, a student at Imperial College, narrated that Kent fell after he had pushed him, who then retaliated by throwing punches back at him.

“He quickly got back up and he charged at my group and started throwing punches at me.”

In the CCTV footage, Chan’s friends were shown trying to restrain him during the scuffle but he was able to break free and go on with the beating.

“Why, given your account that you were frightened and thought that you were being assaulted, why did you seem so eager to get back into the fray and engage Mr Kent?” asked Prosecutor Paul Fairley.

“Because he was persisting to get back up and continue the fight,” Chan responded.“I guess at that point I was pretty angry and I wanted to make sure that he stops fighting me.”
Mr Fairley replied: ‘You had completely lost your head, that fact that the member of your group was having to life you forcefully off the ground to get you to move in the direction that everyone else was moving.”

While the security footage did show Kent falling to the ground, the rest of what happened were not visible as the view of his body was blocked by a parked. The prosecutors believe that it was during that moment when kicked his face twice.

“You run behind the car then you turn and then run back in the direction you have just come from,” Mr Fairley said. “The truth is Mr Chan isn’t it, that you know as well as anyone that someone who is on the ground, there’s no justification for kicking is there?”

After the attack, the Kingston University student sustained several injuries including a fractured nose and broken eye socket.

Chan is denying one count of wounding with intent.
“All I wanted him to do was leave us alone, stop following us, and stop fighting me, and stop harassing my friends,” Chan said.

The trial has not yet reached a verdict and will continue.
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