Clearly Racist Restaurant-Goer Leaves No Tip in Disgusting Note to Asian Server

Popular YouTube personality Gina Darling recently posted a snapshot on Facebook of an offensive receipt from a customer who dined at her friend’s restaurant in Redondo Beach. The post has since been shared over 2,000 times and liked over 9,000 times.

After dining at the restaurant, Jason Naglich paid his bill but did not leave any tip. His justification, which he wrote on the receipt, was that gratuity was meant for U.S. citizens only.

This was the tip left at a friend of a friend's restaurant in Redondo Beach. Fucking disgusting. I can't believe such…

Posted by Gina Darling on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Darling was furious about the incident and wrote in her status:

“Fucking disgusting. I can’t believe such ignorant people still exist in this day and age.

“Jason Naglich, If you’re against Asian people being here, then don’t come eat our food, you piece of shit.”

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