8 Traditional Asian Gowns Reimagined As Modern Prom Dresses

8 Traditional Asian Gowns Reimagined As Modern Prom Dresses8 Traditional Asian Gowns Reimagined As Modern Prom Dresses
Jin Hyun
January 31, 2019
Year after year, the same old, generic yet popular dress styles circulate the internet during prom dress-shopping season.
For Asian women who want to change things up and embrace their roots for upcoming formal events, here are 8 modern takes on traditional gowns from Asian designers for some inspiration.


Hanbok is the South Korean traditional dress and Korean designer, Me Hee Kim has put a gorgeous contemporary twist on the traditional gown. She designed a modern Hanbok for Steven Yeun’s wife on their wedding day and has dressed celebrities such as Sandra Oh and Lisa Ling.


Kimono is the Japanese traditional garment and The Oriental Wasou repurposes these traditional gowns into modern dresses that can be worn for parties or weddings.


Also known as Qipao, the Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress with a feminine body-hugging shape. This Beijing-based company makes various modern Cheongsam dresses inspired by traditional prints and silhouettes in custom measurements.

Áo Dài

The Áo Dài is the traditional garment of Vietnam, comprised of a formfitting silk tunic and trousers. This Australia-based local business sells tailor made modern Áo Dài for formal events.


A Sari or Saree is worn as traditional attire in several Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. New Delhi-based E’jaaz Couture offers custom made gowns, some with modern variations.


NYC and SF-based designer, Trixie Zarate, creates Terno and modern Filipiñana gowns for formal events. Her stunning designs have also been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue China.


A Kebaya is a traditional Asian blouse-dress worn in countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Dilla’s Kebaya & Bridal boutique designs everything from traditional to contemporary versions of this garment.

Chut Thai

Chut Thai is the traditional dress from Thailand and literally translates to “Thai Outfit”. There are different variations for men and women but the Chut Thai is generally brightly-colored, delicate and modest.
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