Asian passenger on Toronto train is bombarded with racist slurs, spit at by female rider

Toronto Transit Racism
  • A video of a woman unleashing a racist tirade against and spitting on an Asian public transit rider in Toronto has gained attention after being posted to Twitter on Wednesday.
  • In the clip shared by Stop Asian Hate Canada, which is slightly under a minute and 30 seconds long, the woman screams racial slurs and tells the man to “get off the f*cking train.”
  • The man retaliates against the verbal onslaught, yelling back, “I can defend myself!”

Stop Asian Hate Canada shared a video of a woman screaming racial slurs at an Asian passenger on a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) train. 

The video, which runs for a minute and 25 seconds, starts with the woman in close proximity to the Asian man as she confronts him while he leans against the doors of the train. “Get off the f*cking train!” she yells. “I said f*ck you!” the man yells back. “I can defend myself!” 

The woman calls him a “g*ok,” and “a slanty-eyed piece of sh*t,” then appears to spit on him. The victim then pulls down his mask and spits back at her. A man who is accompanying her initially tries to hold her back, but later throws a pretend punch at the Asian passenger. Other train riders move away or ignore the group. 

In the second half of the clip, which is taken from a different angle but shows the same woman, a passenger and a TTC worker successfully escort the woman and the man accompanying her off the train, telling her to “get your racist ass off – get off.”

It is unclear how the altercation began. Toronto-based news site blogTO identified the train as a streetcar and suggested the incident took place near Wilcocks Avenue. 

Feature Image via Stop Asian Hate Canada

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