17 Asian People Who Have No Idea What Their Clothes Say… or Do They?

offensive phrases

Photos of people wearing shirts with nonsensical English phrases are absolute comedic gold. If you thought the gangster Peppa Pig shirts were great, wait until you see some of these other mistranslated, absolutely savage yet hilarious shirts captured on camera.

But really, some of these aren’t that bad, I might even pick some up for myself.

1. This anti-hype dude is really REALLY done with everything.

2. This very inspirational shirt.

3. This brilliant Monday work attire.

4. Whose Asian mother made this t-shirt?

5. The most savage Asian grandpa.

6. You’re my favorite turd too man.

7. So. Much. Sass.

8. You never know, these could actually be code for something else.

9. What brilliant mind came up with this gem? And what does it even mean?

10. A very polite request…


12. Pretty much the same thing.

13. The perfect coin purse to remind you just how broke you are.

14. This kid has standards.

15. Back in my day, we liked Hello Kitty…

16. Even better than the original.

17. And finally, this poor doggo…

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