‘We are Whites you f**king c*nt’: UK Nurse Assaulted by Racist Couple on Her Way to Overtime Shift

‘We are Whites you f**king c*nt’: UK Nurse Assaulted by Racist Couple on Her Way to Overtime Shift

March 17, 2020
An Asian nurse living in the U.K. was “racially abused”
Reizel Quaichon and other medical workers are “risking their lives” working long hours fighting the COVID-19 crisis, and the incident left her “mentally shattered” as she shared her experience on Facebook on Sunday, Mirror reported.
In her post, Quaichon recounted how she was intentionally elbowed in her rib by a man and shouted at by his female partner at a train station on her way to work.
The female assailant allegedly told her, “at least we are whites you f*cking c*nt.”
“I felt the need to share this experience as it has really affected me in a way that I couldn’t even begin to explain,” she said in her post. “Imagine this, I was on the way to cover a night shift as OVERTIME since staffing levels in [the] hospital have become so dangerously low; only to be treated so inhumanely before working my shift. This felt like an absolute oxymoron.”
Quaichon added that those fighting in the frontlines are risking their lives every day with limited resources, but some people still feel the need to impose more hatred and fear.
“I dare anyone who doesn’t work in the healthcare environment to come and observe just ONE day in the hospital and watch healthcare workers literally struggle to deal with immense pressures that come with staff shortages and lack of resources topped off with fear and panic in the environment,” she said.
In her video, the nurse said she has been brushing off what’s been happening in the past few months, and chalking it up to ignorance, but this incident opened her mind to society’s current climate.
“I feel like this virus is really testing humanity,” she said in the video.
“People need to wake up and realize that this virus is not an excuse to be racist or discriminate against everyone. Period,” Quaichon added. “Everyone needs to come together, the NHS is struggling, my goodness we have no staff, no doctors, nothing.”
“This is a time when everyone should come together. It shouldn’t be an excuse to create more segregation. I feel like this virus is really testing everyone, we all just need to work together and protect each other,” she continued. “Because you know it’s difficult, especially for those who are in the frontline trying to do their best with the limited resources they have.”
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