Woman Takes Her Asian Mom to the Club and It Was Too Wholesome

Woman Takes Her Asian Mom to the Club and It Was Too WholesomeWoman Takes Her Asian Mom to the Club and It Was Too Wholesome
A Chinese mom recently showed off some epic dance moves at a club during a family vacation.
Jia Li Mason, a 59-year-old salon owner from West Lafayette, Indiana, joined her daughters Alicia and Angela for a night of dancing at a club on their vacation cruise ship.
“We were all on a family vacation on a cruise ship, and my sister and I wanted to go to the clubs to dance and party,” Alicia told NextShark. “My mom heard us talking about it and followed us along. My sister loved it, but I was obviously super embarrassed.”
In the videos uploaded by Alicia Cheng on Subtle Asian Traits, her mom can be seen slaying on the dance floor. 
“This was her first time going out with us and she was a rockstar. Angie, the one dancing with her (in) the videos, fully embraced the epicness my mom was doing. My mom didn’t notice I was recording because she was too busy watching other people dance and mimicking them.”
Alicia, a third-year pharmacy student at Purdue University, shared how dancing at the club came naturally to her mom as she is used to wiggling her hips and moving her butt to “exercise” at home.
When Alicia asked her mom where she got her dance moves, her mom said, “That’s natural for me because I’m a musician! I go with the flow and mix it up, just have fun!” 
Jia Li, who used to perform for a Beijing opera as a pipa player, further explained, “When I was young, I always liked dance, just different dances. I liked to dance traditional dances, not like the freestyle dances you kids do. I just make it up as I go.”
Jia Li’s dancing videos have since received thousands of reactions and comments from delighted viewers. 
In reaction to her now-viral videos, Jia Li says, “I feel great! At my age, I can let the younger generation like it. I think they should encourage their parents to go and do that with them too! Life is too short. Be with the kids and have more fun, it feels great! I am so glad that people like how I dance, they don’t look at me like I’m old. I’m so proud and happy people liked it!”
Alicia revealed that her mom’s ultimate dream is to show off her dance moves and maybe even perform the pipa on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”
According to Alicia, her mom is a beloved “auntie” to the Chinese community in West Lafayette where international students always reach out to her for help. 
Jia Li noted that as an Asian American parent, she encourages others like her to combine both Asian and American cultures in raising their children.
“I think kids should be encouraged to have fun in their lives and not just study all the time! Don’t be like tiger moms. Parents should be the kid’s best friends,” the dancing phenom explained.
Feature Image via Alicia Cheng
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