Asian Mom Dishes Hilarious Burn on Pilot Son Who Forgets To Make His Bed

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A mom’s hilarious clapback at her pilot son last week has left many laughing after her daughter shared it on Twitter.

When 20-year-old Ismaeel Khan got his private pilot’s license last year, his mother, Sarah, took pride in his accomplishment. While she is very supportive of her son’s success, she can still dish some classic Asian mommy lines at him from time to time.


Now that the young pilot is getting his required in-flight hours to work toward his commercial license, he usually flies over their house.

Since it has become his routine to give his mother a heads up when his plane is passing by, he sent an image of their home during a flight with his friend Bryce last Sunday.

In response, Sarah wished him well but followed it up with a burn so brutal it would reach him up in the sky.  

“Did you look through your bedroom window and see your unmade bed 🤔”

Khan’s sister, Nabeela, posted a screenshot of the hilarious exchange on Twitter and many think their mother is just keeping his son “grounded.”

Nabeela also revealed that Khan is currently looking for sponsors to help him afford to get his commercial license. 

However, his mom knows what’s actually holding him back.

Khan, whose family is of Indian descent, is currently based in Durban, South Africa. He told Buzzfeed that his mom’s messages are all in good fun.

“She’s very supportive because in this day and age, especially in this country, it’s not easy to get a pilot’s license,” he was quoted as saying. “We’re not super well off so basically I’m working and paying for my flights on the weekends. I’m making it happen.”

In an interview with NextShark, Nabeela shared that their mom has always been that way to them when they were younger.

“If we ask her where to put something, she’ll say ‘on my head,'” she recalls.

Nabeela has also tweeted some other gems from her witty mom in the past:

According to Nabeela, while their mom was initially shocked with her instant online fame, she’s now “just soaking it all up.”

Fully embracing her social media image as the “famous brown mum who wants the damn beds made,” Sarah has now created her own Twitter account: @BrownMomBanter.

Featured images via YouTube / Issy Khan (left) and (right) courtesy of Nabeela Khan

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