Asian Models Are Finally Embracing Their Beautiful Imperfections

Asian Models Are Finally Embracing Their Beautiful ImperfectionsAsian Models Are Finally Embracing Their Beautiful Imperfections
Ryan General
October 27, 2016
A new generation of top Asian models are going against traditional beauty standards that are widely accepted and upheld in the region by embracing their skin imperfections and, in essence, just flaunting their natural beauty.
For female Asian models to do away with lasers and whitening products and treatments, not trying to achieve porcelain white skin and instead just proudly reveal flaws, freckles and all, is refreshing.
Korean “It girl” model Yoon Young Bae, who poses with her cluster of moles on her cheek and pouty lips, told Vogue how she refused to succumb to peer pressure when she was just starting up.  
“When I was 3, they just appeared out of nowhere!” she narrated. “When I started modeling, I was told to get rid of them, but I said they make me happy, so why would I want to?”
In a way, her peculiar, noticeable mole formations, helped her stand out during shows, probably even the reason she caught the eye of casting director Ashley Brokaw before she made her debut on the Prada runway.
Korean models Sora Choi and Min Jung Kim have noticeably done the same, letting their own spots become part of their overall beauty.
The women are also seemingly following in the footsteps of freckle-faced stunner Devon Aoki, who is now gaining more exposure and popularity in various media.
Jing Wen, one of China’s top upcoming models, also proudly lets her cheekbone freckles set her apart from other porcelain-skinned models.
“When I was little, I really hated them because normally Asians don’t have them,” she was quoted as saying. “In high school, I always tried to cover them, but now it’s okay. I like them, and that’s enough.”  
Such acceptance and appreciation of flaws have seemingly become a trend of some sort, creating a more diverse beauty definition in Asia.
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