Photographer Shows Off Shirtless Chinese Students at the Shanghai University of Sport

asian men

A series of photos featuring Asian men wearing nothing but their underwear in what appears to be a college dormitory has gone viral on Chinese social media for obvious reasons.

The photos, shot by Shanghai-based photographer JQvision, depict a dorm room the Shanghai University of Sport where a group of muscle-bound “students” lounge around and partake in daily activities together while half-naked, according to Shanghaiist.

The men are shown reading together in bed, although it would be hard to concentrate on studying.

They watch movies on the computer.

Just bros feeling each other’s pecs.

They take care of their teeth and mouth as a group.

And use a Pikachu fan to beat the heat.

Check out JQvision’s work on Instagram. Be warned, however, some of the photographers photos may be NSFW.

Featured Images via Twitter / @JQ_vision

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