Asian Men Make More Money Per Hour Than ANYONE Else in the U.S.

Asian Men Make More Money Per Hour Than ANYONE Else in the U.S.Asian Men Make More Money Per Hour Than ANYONE Else in the U.S.
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July 1, 2016
Asian men make more money compared to white, black and Hispanic males in terms of median hourly earnings, a new study from Pew Research Center finds.
As reported, Asian men had hourly earnings of $24 in 2015, outpacing white men who made $21. Black men on average earned $15 an hour while Hispanic men came last earning $14 an hour.
Among women, Asians took hourly earnings of $18, followed by whites at $17 an hour. Black and Hispanic females trailed behind with $13 and $12 an hour, respectively. It can be observed that Asian and white women earned more than black and Hispanic men.
These racial and gender wage gaps may be explained by different factors, and educational attainment looks to play the biggest role. Among adults aged 25 years and above, 53% of Asians hold bachelor’s degrees or more, and this can explain why both genders of the ethnicity earn most in their respective groups.
Meanwhile, 36% of white adults hold bachelor’s degrees or more, followed by blacks at 23% and Hispanics at 15%.
Other considerations that may explain the wage gaps include workforce experience, industry/occupation and “other measurable factors.” Researchers also took note of discrimination as source of gaps unexplained by concrete and/or measurable factors.
Needless to say, Asian-Americans are long celebrated for their success in America. “The Asian American Achievement Paradox,” a book by Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou, also points out the advantage of Asians when it comes to education. They are immigrants who are doctors, research scientists and other highly-educated professionals, New York Times said.
Against popular notion, the difference does not appear driven by differences in intelligence. Citing insight from psychology professor Richard Nisbett, New York Times points the Asian advantage as not intellectual firepower in itself, but rather, how it is harnessed.
While many might think Asian-Americans are now enjoying themselves, a survey conducted earlier this year suggests otherwise. Blogger Jason Shen conducted the survey which included about 350 Asian-American men and found that 88% of the respondents reported experiencing instances racial stereotype, while about one-third “feel they are treated worse than white people,” according to The Atlantic.
“I hope it can shed light on some of the experiences of the nine million Asian men living in the United States and perhaps spark some important conversations,” Shen said.
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