Sad Asian Man’s Face at the White House Meeting is Most of Us Right Now

Not everyone in America is happy or excited that Donald J. Trump will become the next POTUS — afterall, most of America voted for Hillary. One Asian man in particular, possibly a member of the White House press core, was clearly throwing shade at Trump during this morning’s White House transition meeting with President Obama.

Getty Images/ Win McNamee

To be sure where his gaze was directed, we used sophisticated calculations to determine the vector of his shade which, unsurprisingly, went straight over Obama’s head and into the president-elect’s orange face.

His icy glare is too hard to miss:

Maybe he’s just thinking what a lot of people are feeling about the future of our country right now.

It’s the end of an era.

Unfortunately, he looked on the verge of tears as Obama and Trump’s hands actually touched:

Hang in there guy — you aren’t alone.

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