Asian Man Gets Punched in Hospital Waiting Room for Allegedly ‘Staring’ Too Much

Asian Man Gets Punched in Hospital Waiting Room for Allegedly ‘Staring’ Too Much
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
May 24, 2018
This is the disturbing moment when a Black man punches an Asian man inside a hospital because the latter was “staring at him.”
The incident was caught in a two-minute video posted on YouTube on May 18.
The video begins with the man standing on a side of the room as another man gestures him to come over.
The Asian man refuses, choosing instead to take a sear on one of the chairs before the other man orders him to “Stand up!”
Seconds later, the man launches into a punch and pushes his victim down to the floor.
A struggle between the two ensues.
A security personnel and two nurses then intervene and separate the two.
The nurses, male and female, pin the instigator to the floor as the woman filming the scene demands, “Sedate that motherf**ker right there!”
“Sedate his a**! I got everything on tape. Sedate him,” she added.
Moments later, a police officer arrives and investigates the situation.
It is understood that the man who threw the first punch, who wanted to be “left alone,” did so because he was “staring at him.”
YouTube users weighed in — some with horribly, horribly racist commentary:
The video, which also made its way to Reddit, triggered the following responses:
The original poster, Vanessa, took some time to reply to some of the comments asking for clarification. When asked who started the fight before the video began filming, Vanessa confirmed that it was indeed the man who threw the first punch. “I saw it from the beginning at first the black guy started talking shit to the guy in the red shirt than started with the Asian guy so the black one was looking for trouble,” she told one commenter.
Another one asked what happened afterwards, to which Vanessa answered “he ended up going to jail for assault because he started the fight.”
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