Asian Man Allegedly Harassed on Train By Man Demanding He Move

Asian Man Allegedly Harassed on Train By Man Demanding He MoveAsian Man Allegedly Harassed on Train By Man Demanding He Move
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March 4, 2020
A video showing a confrontation between an Asian man and another subway passenger has gone viral on social media, for many displaying a harsh new reality for Asians in America amidst the public panic caused by COVID-19. 
The video was posted publicly by Facebook user Doris Au with the caption: Morning action…why did the Asian guy wants to stand next to him.”
The first video shows the Asian man standing silently on the subway car as another man talks to a woman off camera. 
“Tell him to move!” the man says.
“Why does he have to move?” the woman asks.
“Because he’s standing right f**king next to me! I don’t want him under me!” he responds. “Tell him to move.”
The man walks over to the seat to grab an item. “You don’t want to move?”
He then begins spraying an unknown aerosol can in the space between him and the Asian man.
“Move. I asked you nicely,” he says while continuing to spray his can.
In a second video, the man takes a seat as the Asian man now stands over him asking questions. “Why is that? Why is that? Why can’t I sit next to you?”
“You better move!” the man says repeatedly. He appears agitated and stands up saying, “You’re being dumb right now” as an Asian woman pulls the Asian man back.
Where and when the incident took place remains unverified. In the first 13 hours that the video was posted, it gained over 475,000 views with thousands of comments and shares.
NextShark has reached out to the Facebook user for more details and will update accordingly.
Social media posts of harassment related to coronavirus panic have seemingly seen an increase in recent weeks.
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While the context surrounding these incidents are not yet revealed, the recent wave of coronavirus-related harassment and assaults on Asians around the globe leaves several painful but crucial reminders: be vigilant, be aware of your surroundings at all times, protect yourselves and be safe; communities, no matter the ethnicity or skin color, more than ever, must stick together and look out for those who need help, especially the elderly; the 2019 coronavirus does not care about the ethnicities of the humans it infects, which means the ethnicities of the victims and the attackers should not be used to perpetuate racial stereotypes and tensions in reality and in social media comments; lastly, please report crimes to your local law enforcement, if not for justice for the victims, then please do so to spread the awareness that communities need help and action.
This is a developing story.
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