Asian Man Brutally Attacked From Behind in NYC Subway, Police Search for Suspect

Asian Man Brutally Attacked From Behind in NYC Subway, Police Search for Suspect
Ryan General
March 8, 2018
Police have identified a suit-wearing commuter who attacked an Asian man at a Times Square subway station in New York City for allegedly giving him a funny look.
The attacker was identified as 24-year-old Jose Hasing, who goes by the nickname Golden Boy, authorities said on Wednesday. Despite  identifying the suspect, the police officers have yet to make an arrest.
Hasing was caught on video clobbering 22-year-old victim Wen Ruan at the Midtown subway stop on Feb. 27.
In surveillance footage, the suspect can be seen punching Ruan from behind multiple times until he was eventually knocked down to the ground.
According to New York Daily News, the suspect apparently took offense to the young man for his reported “staring.”
Hasing confronted him, saying, “You’re looking at me funny.”
Ruan said he did not respond to the provocation and simply chose to ignore him.
“I think, regardless, he’s a crazy guy. I cast a glance at him and he must have taken that the wrong way,” Ruan was quoted as saying.
The assailant came from behind and initiated the beatdown with a flurry of punches at Ruan. The other passengers watched as Ruan was helplessly clobbered.
Hasing fled after finishing the attack with a kick.
“Everyone just was watching,” Ruan lamented. “I feel like I understand why no one jumped in. He was a very big guy. He had like a whole head over me. Everyone around me was just trying to get out of the way.”
The beating left Ruan with bruises, facial swelling, and two chipped teeth. EMS treated the victim at the station.
Meanwhile, authorities are still looking for Hasing who was revealed to have over a dozen arrests prior to the subway attack.
Feature Images via YouTube/citiwide911
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