Comedian Sparks Outrage After Claiming to Find a Skinned ‘Cat’ Behind Chinese Restaurant

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An internet comedian has come under fire after posting a racist joke that shows him finding a skinned “cat” at the back of a Chinese restaurant.

The comedian, who goes by the username @marvinbarrycomedy, posted the disturbing video on Instagram ahead of Thanksgiving.


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FOUND A CAT IN THE BACK OF THE CHINESE RESTAURANT #explore #live #videosyoumightlike #comedy #worldstarhiphop

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In the video, Marvin is seen showing up at the unidentified Chinese restaurant with what appeared to be a skinned carcass on his hand.

He goes straight to the counter to complain about what he “found” at the “back” of the establishment.

A Black woman — who smirks in the beginning of the video — is seen “reacting” to the discovery in horror.

Another woman is heard in the background screaming, “Oh my f**king god!”

Staff at the restaurant gathered in shock, with one woman filming the scene from behind the counter.

A commotion ensues and a male staff follows Marvin as flees the premises with his alleged accomplices.

The video, which has been flagged “sensitive,” comes days after another Black comedian rattled another Chinese restaurant by asking whether it served cats.

Marvin, who’s apparently in “need” of 20,000 followers, drew immediate backlash.

It’s unclear what Marvin was actually holding in his hand.

Images via Instagram / @marvinbarrycomedy

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