Heating Baos with an Iron in a Hotel Room is the Ultimate Asian Life Hack

As the members of the thriving Facebook group Asian Life Hacks can attest, we Asians are a resourceful lot.

Able to make the most of what’s available, we can MacGyver our way into most situations from using rice to glue things to repairing a broken kitchen sink with ramen.

Apparently, we can also use a clothing iron to heat some food in the absence of a microwave. Facebook user Angelica Sacrepaye recently shared this discovery on the group “subtle asian traits.”

In her post, Sacrepaye shared two images featuring her relatives heating up some baos using the appliance meant to remove wrinkles from fabric.

“If you’re ever in a hotel room without a microwave… have no fear! Your asian fairy godmother has equipped you with an iron to take care of those midnight cravings!” she wrote in the post’s caption.

”I scrolled past this on my feed thinking it was already a post on subtle asian traits. Double checked to realise it was from MY OWN RELATIVES 😭😭😭 I should be asleep right now but can’t stop cracking up, this was too good not to share.”

Hilarious as the post may appear to be, a lot of commenters found the “hack” quite useful.

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