Man Creates Soundcloud Playlist For When You Break Up With Your Asian Girlfriend

Man Creates Soundcloud Playlist For When You Break Up With Your Asian GirlfriendMan Creates Soundcloud Playlist For When You Break Up With Your Asian Girlfriend
Ryan General
May 17, 2019
Special situations call for a variety of playlists, and sometimes, certain moods demand something more intimate, and very specific.
David Nguyen was a university student in Sydney, Australia when he felt the need to translate his heartbreak into a mixtape as a means of venting his “feelings through music.”
The product was a collection of slow somber tracks interspersed with some upbeat tunes called “Songs To Break Up With An Asian Girl To.”
“I made the first mixtape right after I got out of a bad relationship, she was Asian thus the title,” he told NextShark in an interview. “The mixtape had tracks that I was really feeling after the relationship and also tracks that I’ve remixed or mashed up myself.”
The playlist earned a lot of praise after he shared it on social media, with people telling him how they really connected with the song choices. Some said his tracks helped them through rough times such as breakups. Inspired by the netizens’ positive reactions, Nguyen decided to make more.
Taking the series into a more hopeful and positive direction, he created two more follow-ups called “Songs to Make Up With an Asian Girl” and “Songs to Netflix and Chill with an Asian Girl” to end the trilogy. All of them were uploaded to his Soundcloud account.  
“The idea was literally break up, makeup and “Netflix and Chill,” he shared.  
At the time, Nguyen was also a DJ playing at clubs and festivals during weekends and the playlists became another venue of creativity for him.
While they were made several years ago, the playlists have recently gained even more attention after someone shared them on the popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.
“SAT is definitely a great platform connecting people through Asian culture from children of immigrants as I’m one myself,” said Nguyen. “The idea that my mixtapes could spread around the world and connect with people from all cultures and backgrounds is awesome and having featured on SAT is def pretty cool, after it was featured my plays had jumped to 5k plays in 24 hours and it feels good that I’m kinda giving something back to my culture, even if it’s as subtle as a mixtape.”
Nguyen currently has his own business which specifically focuses on made-to-measure tailored suits for men. Called “X TAILORS,” his own boutique fashion brand has been going on for a few years now.
While Nguyen is now busy running his business, he is still open to making another mixtape, or even another trilogy.
“I feel as if I should make another mixtape thanks to it being featured on SAT and the resurgence in popularity, just depends if people want another trilogy.”
Featured image via Soundcloud/dxofficial
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