Why Some Asian Couples Dress in Matching Outfits

Have you ever noticed how some Asian couples look like each other?

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Not like in the face or anything, but in how they dress?

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Sometimes they wear the just same shirt…

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…but other times their entire outfits are exactly the same.

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According to Quartz, this is called “couple look” by South Korean couples (Couple Costume in other parts of Asia).

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To show the world that they’re together, couples sometimes dress in matching outfits.

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Sometimes there’s slight variations to the outfits…

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…whereas other times they just stick to a similar theme.

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The trend started several decades ago, when newlywed Korean couples decided to forego traditional honeymoon attire — hanbok for women and a suit for men — and coordinated their outfits instead.

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The cultural phenomenon really gained traction when social media platforms flourished, with hashtags like #couplelook and #lovestagram being used to showcase their matching outfits.

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The idea behind Couple Look is to celebrate young, innocent love.

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It can also make couples feel closer together.

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Some might feel it is a bit obsessive and high maintenance…

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…but for those with puppy love, it’s just another way to show that they’re happy together.

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So to all the couples out there who want to celebrate any style together, go for it!

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Who cares what anyone says?

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To be young and in love is a precious thing.

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