Racist Calls Asian Couple ‘Gooks’ and ‘Sandra Oh’ at Coffee Shop in California

Racist Calls Asian Couple ‘Gooks’ and ‘Sandra Oh’ at Coffee Shop in CaliforniaRacist Calls Asian Couple ‘Gooks’ and ‘Sandra Oh’ at Coffee Shop in California
Footage from a coffee shop in California shows a White man berating an Asian couple before loudly comparing a woman to actress Sandra Oh.
The man who uploaded the video to YouTube, who wishes to keep his identity hidden, told NextShark that he was with his girlfriend at Calistoga Roastery coffee shop last Saturday when the incident occurred with a man wearing a military hat and denim shorts.
The couple, who are both professionals from New York City and were on vacation at the time, tried to ignore the man’s remarks, but he would not leave them alone and asked loudly, “Did you hear what I said? I said you looked like Sandra Oh.”
The couple found the comment racist and offensive, and the man filming followed the other and told him that not all Asian people look the same.
The elderly man then reportedly proceeded to call the couple “gooks” and repeatedly told them “F*ck you, you gooks.”
That’s when the video starts capturing the argument. The man spouting racial slurs was described as “a bit off mentally” who stopped yelling “gooks” only after he noticed that the camera was rolling.
A manager and an elderly White couple at the coffee shop came to the couple’s aid at the end of the video.
The uploader of the video was hesitant to share the encounter, but said, “I feel it necessary to make people aware that this racism exists even in liberal states like California, and also to prevent this man from doing this again to other minorities.”
Law enforcement was not involved in resolving the matter and the man filming does not plan to pursue action against the racist who remains unidentified.
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