How to Support Asian American Businesses Looted During Nationwide Protests

How to Support Asian American Businesses Looted During Nationwide ProtestsHow to Support Asian American Businesses Looted During Nationwide Protests
Updated June 24 at 10:25 a.m. EST
As looters overshadow peaceful nationwide protests with the Black Lives Matter movement over the murder of George Floyd, small Asian-owned businesses already struggling due to the pandemic are facing new challenges.
Some of the local businesses have had to reduce employees, delivery methods and store hours to accommodate. In April, the small business sector lost 11 million jobs, Axios reported.
Areas such as New York City’s Chinatown have been plundered, with storefronts destroyed.
There have been peaceful protests in at least a dozen cities so far, including New York which has set a curfew to curtail the looting and violence.
Small businesses have been destroyed in cities including Portland, Tampa and Minneapolis.
NextShark has compiled a small list of some of the spots hit, which you can read here.

Businesses by state:

New York:

Places to donate that will give distribute funds to businesses in need:

  • Little Tokyo in Los Angeles is cleaning up after protests and looting. The Little Tokyo Service Center in Los Angeles is taking donations to support it’s COVID-19 relief efforts for struggling businesses.
  • Cambodia Town is a community strip located in Long Beach, California that had seen a peaceful protest turned violent. A community organizer stepped up to create a fundraising page to help rebuild the community.
  • Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce is taking donations to redistribute funds to its over 150 members and families in the community in need.
  • Community organizers are seeking monetary support for San Francisco Chinatown where funds will be redistributed to pay for EMT, medical bills, property damage and stolen equipment.
  • A Korean American resident of Wilmington, Delaware is collecting donations to help support his parent’s store as well as other minority-owned businesses in the area.
New York:
  • Relief fund that some organizations in the Chinatown International District in Seattle started for restaurants and other small businesses in the area.
  • Support the Cities is an organization working to support neighborhoods and small businesses following the protests.

City Cleanup and Volunteering:

By no means is this an exhaustive list. If you know of a business or community donation page, please send details to [email protected] to update this list.
Editor’s Note: Donation pages that have reached their goal will be removed to prioritize others that have yet to meet their needs. This article has also been updated to distinguish between looting and peaceful protesting.
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