YouTuber Asks South Koreans if They Are Scared of North Korean Attack

YouTuber Asks South Koreans if They Are Scared of North Korean AttackYouTuber Asks South Koreans if They Are Scared of North Korean Attack
Carl Samson
April 18, 2017
The international community is kept at the edge of its seat as news on the escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea fill the daily headlines.
But if anyone’s opinions matter most at this point, it’s arguably those of South Koreans for the most obvious reason. With nothing but a strip of militarized land separating the Koreas, many are curious to know how South Koreans are doing now.
In line with current events, YouTube channel Asian Boss asked South Koreans how they feel toward the rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea:
“People outside Korea are asking how scared South Koreans are at the moment. How’d you describe the mood in [South] Korea?”
It turns out South Koreans are doing just fine. Respondents claimed that their country has more important issues to deal with than worry about North Korea:
“It’s pretty much the same as before. We are just continuing with our lives.”
“The situation right now seems a little different from before but I personally don’t think it’s that bad.”
“I heard people say that they are leaving the country mostly as a joke.”
“Also to be honest, there are a lot of domestic issues in South Korea, like the upcoming presidential election. People are more worried about choosing the right government.”
“We’ve been down this road many times before so I think we’re a little desensitized.”
When asked what goes on in their minds every time they hear about the news, the South Koreans said:
“‘There they go again!’ I just couldn’t care less.”
“I guess the first time was scary. I remember my parents used to stock up on water and ramen for emergency. But because this got repeated so many times, especially whenever there is a change of government in South Korea. Now, I just think they are putting on a show.”
Challenged at the possibility of a U.S.-North Korea war, the South Koreans said:
“In my opinion, I’d say probably 10% to 20%? That’s including the tensions that have been there from before. I don’t think the odds have gone up compared to before.”
“I’d say 0%. Unless Kim Jong-un totally goes nuts, I don’t think there’ll be a war.”
“Highly improbable. Almost 0%.”
“Even though Trump is capable of acting impulsively, I think he’ll be more careful when it comes to North Korea. Also the current election result is something Kim Jong-un might be keeping a close eye on before he actually does anything.”
“If anything, it’s the Western media that keep blowing things out of proportion while everyone in South Korea is fine. Seriously, people here are like, ‘Here we go again!’”
One shared what worries her the most, and at this point, we can all feel for her:
“If there is one thing I’m concerned about, it’s an American idiot clashing into a North Korean idiot and doing something stupid. That’s what I’m worried about.”
Watch the video below:
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